Universty introduces driving course to help reduce road accidents

- Published: 17 August 2015
Universty introduces driving course to help reduce road accidents

RUSANGU University of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Monze, has introduced a special course called ‘Driving Skills’ to equip its students with knowledge on the road safety.

The course would impart driving skills to students at the time of
graduation to enable them become more competent drivers to help reduce road traffic accidents.

Zambia has in the recent past recorded horrific road traffic accidents with some being attributed to lack of proper training on traffic and road safety among the drivers.

University public relations officer, Fitzgerald Muchindu said the course which was introduced in November 2013, hinged on Highway Code with the five-check point of motor vehicle safety.

“Rusangu University is therefore equipping its students with knowledge of road safety so that as they leave university study they are well versed with the importance of safe practices on the roads,” he said yesterday in response to a press query.

He said the course was aimed at imparting driving skills and basic knowledge of motor vehicle maintenance and was available to licensed drivers and those wanting to upgrade in motoring.

So far, about 70 students took the course in the second semester from February to June this year, while 30 out of the 70, who took practical driving lessons.

About 10 from the 30 students who were examined by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), passed the course.

Through this course, students would have better understanding of vehicle’s communication systems, driving skills, basic motor vehicle knowledge, care and maintenance were also covered.

Mr Muchindu said the university management took this deliberate action to offer the course to its students to increase skills on motoring at the time of their school graduation.

He said the possession of a drivers’ license would put the Rusangu University students at an advantage from other students in learning institutions.

Source: lusakatimes.com