3 Clarksburg High School teens killed in car accident in Montgomery County

- Published: 09 June 2016
3 Clarksburg High School teens killed in car accident in Montgomery County

Three students were killed in an auto crash in Montgomery County hours before their secondary school was set to hold its end of the year graduation ceremony. 

Authorities say the high schoolers were coming back from a pre-graduation gathering on the night of the mishap. Their vehicle, a 1989 Ford F-250, was traveling South in the 25300 piece of Burnt Hill Road around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when it hammered into a tree. 

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Officers say the driver, distinguished as 17-year-old Jacob Tyler Dennis, and a traveler, recognized as 18-year-old Patrick Andrew Shifflett kicked the bucket at the scene. A third traveler, recognized as 17-year-old Cary Mauri'ce Greene, passed on a brief timeframe later at an adjacent clinic. 

Every one of the three casualties were Clarksburg High School youngsters. The fatal mischance happened hours before the school was planned hold its end of the year graduation function Wednesday amid a 10 a.m. function. 

"They were simply taken too early. They were simply incredible astounding individuals," Ryan Dillingham, a Clarkburgh H.S. Understudy told FOX 5. 

Clarksburg H.S. Standard Steve Whiting has known each of the three casualties since they were 11-years of age, he says the understudies and families are distress stricken over the loss of the very respected understudies. 

"We as a group rally, we meet up now and again like this and we ensure that we deal with each other," Whiting clarified. 

Montgomery County Police say as indicated by the underlying examination, liquor no doubt was NOT an element. Speeding and naiveté of the driver could be variables. The driver, Jacob, had a temporary permit at the season of the accident.