Queens man captured after accidentally killing friend

- Published: 15 June 2016
Queens man captured after accidentally killing friend

A 28-year-old Queens man connected to a gang has been captured for lethally shooting a companion in the mid-section with a shotgun amid a night of drinking and playfighting, police said. 

Christian Penaloza, 29, of Corona, was hanging out in his storm cellar flat on National St. close 45th Ave. with the casualty when they started playfighting Sunday evening, cops said. Penaloza hauled out a shotgun and it went off, mortally injuring the casualty around 7:45 p.m. 

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Penaloza told cops he was demonstrating the casualty the gag of the weapon when it went off, sources said. 

Penaloza and another companion, John Zhumi, completed the casualty of the loft to the corner, where Zhumi called 911, sources said. 

Cops landed on a report of a cutting and ceased the two men when they spotted blood on their attire. 

Paramedics took the casualty to Elmhurst Hospital where he kicked the bucket Monday. 

Police have not yet possessed the capacity to recognize the casualty, whose handle is "Chapparro," and are anticipating the aftereffects of unique mark checks. 

Penaloza was accused of criminally careless manslaughter, instead of homicide, since police couldn't indicate he proposed to shoot the casualty, a law authorization source said. 

Penaloza has 22 earlier captures on charges including drugs, theft, strike, criminal fiendishness and burglary, police said. He is an individual from a gang called the "Flip the Paper Crew," a law implementation source said. 

Zhumi was likewise captured — on two open warrants coming from captures in October and November.