Johnny Manziel reported a hit-and-run accident in Dallas

- Published: 23 June 2016
Johnny Manziel reported a hit-and-run accident in Dallas

Former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel's most recent couple of months have been a disaster area, and now his vehicle is in same condition.

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As indicated by the Associated Press, Manziel reported an attempt at manslaughter occurrence prior this week, with police saying various witnesses said somebody hit his vehicle. The auto was harmed on the driver's side. 

Manziel's marketing specialist, Denise Michaels, said he advised her he hit his head however wasn't harmed. 

TMZ has photographs of his harmed Nissan sports auto (stopped in a disabled spot), which show critical harm to the driver's side, and the airbag sent. 

It's the same auto he was driving when he supposedly ambushed his previous sweetheart. He has a hearing all things considered Friday, however isn't calendar to show up. 

It's not the main auto wreck he's been included in this offseason, however his April crash in Las Vegas was in an alternate auto.