1 teenager died in jet ski accident

- Published: 25 June 2016
1 teenager died in jet ski accident

The Lucas County coroner's office affirms one young person died after a plane ski accident that left another high teen hurt. It happened Wednesday around 2:30 toward the evening close to the Edison span in Sandusky Bay. 

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The coroner says 16-yer old Kevin Sullivan died at nearby healing facility. 

Powers say a young lady with the gathering who made the 911 call, stayed cool and console everybody until help arrived.

Dispatcher: Ottawa County 911 
Caller: Hi. There's been a jet ski accident. We are out by. Where 
are we at? We're out by the railroad tracks 
There's been a collision. He's bleeding.

Officers with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources say the four teens were jet skiing when two of the jet ski's collided. According to this police report the us coast guard located the teens near the shore.

Caller: Are we by the Old Bay bridge access? Kevin. We're on the
other side of the railroad tracks. Kevin can you hear me?

Dispatcher: Hang on a second OK.

Caller: He's not responding we need someone soon. 
Dispatcher: OK hang on.

One teen suffered minor scrapes and bruises. He was treated then released from a local hospital. Kevin Sullivan suffered life threatening injuries to his head. The Lucas County coroner says he died.

Caller: Kevin can you hear me? Joe stay calm. 
Just keep making noises Kevin. 
You're going to be fine. Help is on the way. 
They are going to come help us.

As indicated by the 911 call every one of the four of the teenagers were wearing life jackets. 

The mischance is still under investigation.