Woman killed from hit-and-run accident

- Published: 29 June 2016
Woman killed from hit-and-run accident

Police are searching for the individual in charge of hit-and-run accident that left a 26-year-old lady dead. 

Jessica McChesney was hit on Sunday and was taken to the clinic where she was at first recorded in basic condition. 

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Presently, McChesney's friends and family are occupied with a continuous battle for equity. 

“It’s a torture chamber here,” said McChesney’s best friend Kari Kosin. “It’s not right for family and friends, (and) everyone that loved her not to have answers.”

McChesney was killed Sunday while crossing on the convergence of Baum Boulevard and Morewood Avenue. She was leaving a companion's gathering. 

She endured mind harm and a given way lung, she passed on hours after the fact. 

“How are you okay living your life knowing that would killed a human being,” Kosin said.

Channel 11 has learned that Jessica moved to Pittsburgh from Erie in February. She worked at Bechtel Plant in Monroeville.