12-year old schoolboy killed in freak accident during tackle by brother

- Published: 12 July 2016
12-year old schoolboy killed in freak accident during tackle by brother

A 12-year old football observer passed on after he was hit in the head by a metal spike which was dislodged amid a tackle including his sibling, an investigation has listened. 

Olly Croker was hit when the u-molded grapple, which had held a FA Respect flag set up, "flew through the air" for right around 100ft (30m). 

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He died two days after the fact. 

Olly endured "unsurvivable" wounds in the "oddity mischance", coroner Dr Elizabeth Earland said. 

The investigation, in Exeter, heard the two players - including Olly's more seasoned sibling Liam Hole - had tested for the ball close to the midway line at Bradnich Football Club. 

Bampton FC senior secretary Neville England said the pair got to be "entrapped" in the pennant. 

Wellbeing and security master, Chris Rudall, said this extended the hindrance ropes, which brought about the stay to fly out of the ground. 

Olly was carried to clinic after the occurrence on Saturday 12 September however kicked the bucket on the next Monday night from genuine head wounds. 

His mom Pippa called him a "beautiful kid" whose organs had now "offered life" to five youngsters. 

Dr Earland said she would keep in touch with the FA to request that they achieve a conclusion over what happened and impart it to general society. 

"This was a to a great degree surprising occasion and one which nobody wishes to see a reiteration of," she said. 

A neighborhood power request is under approach to find the accurate circumstances of the mischance.