Enrique Iglesias after drone accident still can't feel his finger

- Published: 14 July 2016
Enrique Iglesias after drone accident still can't feel his finger

During a show in Tijuana, Mexico last May (15), the Hero artist's fingers were cut up when he got a flying drone, and blood covered his white shirt as he endeavored to stop the seeping in front of an audience.

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He was later determined to have a crack and in this way experienced reconstructive surgery, yet amid a late meeting on Spanish dialect channel Univision's Primer Impacto appear, he conceded's regardless he experiencing enduring impacts the harm. 

"Truly, regardless I can't feel anything on this finger," he admitted. "Despite everything I can't feel anything from the nail and beneath that." 

Enrique went ahead to portray the nerve racking occurrence, reviewing, "Frankly with you, with the greater part of the adrenaline I didn't feel it much. I was truly astounded with the measure of blood I was losing. I felt a touch of disgrace and shame before my fans, particularly with the group that was right in the exceptionally front. 

"Each time I would move my hand, you could simply see blood all over the place. Furthermore, right then and there I didn't understand how awful it was on the grounds that I couldn't feel torment. I felt torment after the surgery. Truly, what I did was an enormous ineptitude."