Photo of fatal Motorcycle accident show's Soul Leaving Body

- Published: 15 July 2016
Photo of fatal Motorcycle accident show's Soul Leaving Body

A photograph posted by a man from Mount Sterling, Kentucky after a fatal bike wreck in the region is collecting a ton of consideration on the web, in light of a shocking shadow fit as a fiddle of a human body can be seen drifting above individuals at the webpage of the accident. Saul Vazquez shared the photograph to his Facebook page on Tuesday, and from that point forward, individuals have remarked that the picture must be of an apparition.

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In his depiction of the photograph, Vazquez said that he caught the photograph of the mishap from the taxicab of his truck. Vazquez likewise alluded to the spooky appearance in the photograph as a "shadow," including "Whatever I can say is I trust everybody included is alright!!" 

Some analysts on the photograph, in any case, appear to be sure that it's not a shadow by any stretch of the imagination, but rather a soul or phantom. One individual composed, "Thank you for posting, Life after death continues and we better prepare to see the unseen... TO SEE OUR CREATOR."