Irish woman got injured after accident in China

- Published: 02 August 2016
Irish woman got injured after accident in China

Lydia Daly, from Celbridge, Co Kildare, left for China on February 9 and was functioning as an English teacher in Guangdong for as long as six months. 

It is trusted that she had a serious fall on Saturday and is an incited coma like state however in a steady condition.

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Her companions have set up a GoFundMe page to help her upset family. 

The GoFundMe page peruses: "As some of you may definitely know, in the early hours of July 30 our companion Lydia endured a genuine mishap that has abandoned her hospitalized in Guangdong China. We are appreciative that she is presently steady and recuperating, however are obviously frantically stressed for her.

“This fund donates its proceedings to Lydia and her family. Separated by such a vast distance, we cannot help but feel helpless when the unimaginable happens to someone we dearly value and love.” 

The troubled family have declined to remark any further on the mischance as of now.