Worker died on construction zone in Avon

- Published: 23 August 2016
Worker died on construction zone in Avon

A laborer was killed while coordinating a dump truck that was moving down through a development zone in Avon on Monday. 

The development laborer, Joseph Kelly, 36, of Avon, was by one means or another struck by the truck as he was guiding it.

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The development zone was on Jaycox Road, north of Middleton Road. 

Both the Ohio State Highway Patrol Commercial Vehicle Unit and the coroner reacted to the scene. 

As per the Avon Police Department, the casualty and the driver both worked for KMU Trucking Inc. in Avon. 

The family issued this announcement with respect to the mischance:

"We are in an unimaginable amount of grief and shock as we mourn the loss of an amazing father of three, husband, son, brother, nephew, uncle, and friend to many. We ask for your prayers and strength to cope with this tragedy. We appreciate all the support and ask for privacy as we mourn our loss. Please pray for us. Thank You."