59-year-old Woman died after falling 40 feet from zip line

- Published: 25 August 2016
59-year-old Woman died after falling 40 feet from zip line

A 59-year-old lady is dead in the wake of falling roughly 40 feet from a zip line at a Delaware state park, police say. 

The lethal mischance happened around 1:40 p.m. Wednesday at the Go Ape Tree Top Adventure fascination at the Lums Pond State Park, situated at 1068 Howell School Road in Bear. 

Powers say paramedics needed to do mouth to mouth on the way to Christiana Hospital where she was affirmed dead. 

Different visitors - a few veterans of zip covering - were disheartened and stunned about how something like this could have happened. 

"I mean it's very safe, the equipment is very safe," said John Lunsford of Bear, Delaware.

As indicated by the organization's site, Go Ape offers a tree-top enterprise experience, including a 2-3 hour venture through the timberland covering. 

This as you go up against suspended deterrents, Tarzan swings and stunning zip lines with a mind blowing perspective of the recreation center.

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"The staff basically takes you through how to hook up to the wires and everything as you're going across all the obstacles," said Lunsford.

"To me it's always been very safe, and it's a super fun activity around this area for sure," said Tara Altenritter of Bear, Delaware.

Lunsford says he could envision how it's workable for somebody to fall. 

"I could imagine, yes. I mean if they didn't go through the precautions of hooking themselves up with the carabiners, lost their balance and fell whatever point on the platform, it could be possible," said Lunsford.

"I mean I could see how it could happen as just a complete accident," said Altenritter.

In an announcement, Chris Swallo, the executive of Go Ape, says, "Our considerations and petitions go out to her family and companions and specifically to the individuals who were on the course with her at the time." 

The 59-year-old lady's character has not been discharged pending notice of family. 

No different wounds were accounted for. 

The examination is progressing.