Virgin Billionaire Richard Branson almost killed in bike accident

- Published: 27 August 2016
Virgin Billionaire Richard Branson almost killed in bike accident

British billionaire Richard Branson says he thought he was going to die in a biking mishap in the British Virgin Islands prior this week in which he broke his cheek and tore a few tendons. 

Virgin supervisor Mr Branson, who has manufactured a tremendous business realm and is known for his adrenaline junkie stunts, said the mishap happened when he was cycling with his youngsters, Holly and Sam, and hit a knock on a street on the Caribbean island of Virgin Gorda.

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"The following thing I knew, I was being heaved over the handlebars and my life was actually blazing before my eyes," the 66-year-old wrote in a blog entry, joined by realistic photographs demonstrating his wounds. 

"I truly thought I was going to die," he said, including that the protective cap he was wearing likely spared his life. The bicycle tumbled off a bluff in the mischance. 

Mr Branson said he had set out to Miami for clinic filters. 

Mr Branson has set a progression of flying and nautical experience records, in spite of the fact that he fizzled, regardless of various endeavors, to end up the principal individual to circumnavigate the globe constant in an inflatable. 

These adventures conveyed him near catastrophe in 1998 when he and his co-pilot needed to jettison their inflatable in the Pacific Ocean after low weight constrained the specialty down. 

His Virgin Galactic space tourism wander endured a misfortune in 2014 when a lethal blast cut down its SpaceShipTwo, executing its co-pilot. 

He has claimed a heaven island getaway since 1978 in the British Virgin Islands — a duty safe house.