MMA fighter’s 15-month son killed by 72-year-old woman in drunk driving accident

- Published: 06 September 2016
MMA fighter’s 15-month son killed by 72-year-old woman in drunk driving accident

The 15-month-old child of MMA fighter Marcus Kowal was taken off life support in the wake of being struck by a suspected smashed driver in Hawthorne, California throughout the weekend. 

The competitor's child, Liam Mikael Kowal, was being pushed in a stroller through a crosswalk by his high school close relative in Hawthorne when they were struck by a 72-year-old lady, as per police.

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Kowal said he and his family are resolved to keep Liam's memory alive. 

"I was proud to be a dad. I wanted to raise a good child," he said. "It looks like he's sleeping because he's breathing, but he's breathing because of the life support."

The accident happened Saturday evening. The suspect, distinguished as Donna Marie Higgins, attempted to escape the scene yet witnesses tailed her and hindered her vehicle until powers arrived. 

She was captured on suspicion of lawful offense intoxicated driving and lawful offense attempt at manslaughter. She was reserved at the Hawthorne prison in lieu of $100,000 safeguard. 

Powers at first reported that Liam was a girl, yet later cleared up that he was a boy. 

Each minute since the mishap has been a bad dream for the Kowals, particularly for Marcus, who needs to ease the scene again and again in his mind. 

He said a crying neighbor shouted to him from the stairwell of their loft to educate him concerning Liam.

"I ran out in the street, ran down. I saw the police cars, and I saw his stroller in two pieces. He has a little green frog that he's had with him since day one. He carries it around wherever he is. He won't sleep without his green frog and it was lying in the middle of the street," he said.

The teenager and Liam were raced to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. She is required to be OK, however Liam was pronounced mind dead and would be taken off life bolster Monday. 

Liam's organs will be given since his family said he wanted to share and bring satisfaction to everybody.

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