Man Killed in Tesla Model S Accident in the Netherlands

- Published: 08 September 2016
Man Killed in Tesla Model S Accident in the Netherlands

For the last couple of months there have been two or three mishaps including Tesla autos and its semi-self-autonomous Autopilot driving framework, one of them was a deadly accident in which the driver did not survive. Tragically, another such mischance has occurred in The Netherlands. The driver of this Tesla Model S has passed away. 

It's misty right now whether Autopilot was actuated on this Model S before the mischance occurred. Tesla has kept up its position on every past mischance which is that the Autopilot highlight is not to fault.

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As indicated by a report, the driver of this Model S was 53 years of age and he passed away after his Model S left the street and collided with a tree at high speeds. The car burst into flames very quickly and firefights confronted compelling trouble in attempting to quench the blazes. 

NOS, a news communicate station in The Netherlands, has reported that Tesla staff went to the scene keeping in mind the end goal to discover the instance of this mischance. "Specialized faculty are on the scene, and we are working with the powers to build up the actualities of the episode and offer our full collaboration," said a representative for Tesla to Business Insider, adding that it's profoundly disheartened to hear that this mischance asserted a human life. 

Tesla guarantees to share its discoveries on this mishap when it can taking after the examination.

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