Precautions needed to prevent accidents

- Published: 15 July 2015
Precautions needed to prevent accidents

Accidents and more accidents seem to be occurring. Despite having no snow, traffic accidents and collisions seem to continue to take place on the highways in this province, on roads in communities and in parking lots.

The reasons for these mishaps are varied and can’t be lumped into one category, but there the commonality is that most are preventable.

One of the causes is drivers not being attentive enough behind the wheel, with distractions like smoking, talking on a telephone, texting on a handheld device to even putting on makeup or having a meal while driving.

Despite the many warnings, there are those who drive while impaired by drugs or alcohol, resulting in the driver, people in the car, pedestrians or people in other vehicles getting injured or killed.

There is also the driver who speeds on, no matter what the weather conditions — the heavy rain, the snow squalls, sleet, fog or blinding sun and doesn’t realize he or she is into a dangerous situation until its too late.

Others are behind the wheel while tired and fall asleep, ending up in a ditch rather than making their way down the road.

Then there are those on the highways and roads in communities who are driving with a medical condition, which they often don’t know they have, and only become aware of it after the accident. Those are probably the collisions that aren’t as preventable.

Unfortunately, despite all the warnings about driving with distractions and drinking and driving, the amount of accidents seems to be ever increasing with drivers not heeding what they are being told.

The sad part is that families end up losing loved ones and others having to deal with raising children or adults who have to spend the rest of their lives in wheelchairs.

Anyone can get behind the wheel of a car and push the gas pedal, but it’s an intelligent driver that will be able to control a situation when danger unfolds.

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be enough of those drivers on the road today.

Education should be a main goal in the prevention of accidents, but too often drivers believe they are invincible and there is nothing wrong with the phone conversations and the texting or that scraping windows of frost is not important. But seconds later, when a person is killed or injured for life it’s a different story and one that can change a driver’s life forever.

Get smart, be aware and take all the precautions when driving to prevent collisions and accidents.