Johnson County flood damage, one month later

- Published: 08 August 2015
Johnson County flood damage, one month later

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT)- Almost one month later, Johnson County flood victims are still going through what’s left of their belongings. 
It’s been nearly one month since flood water swept away homes, vehicles, and memories in Johnson County. 
A day flood victims won’t soon forget.

"We didn't know there was a flood coming, but I looked out the back window and all I could see is muddy water,” says Rose Blandon, flood victim.”
Her home and everything in it, now just a pile of debris. 
Rose Blandon says they are just trying to get their things up to the road to be taken away. 
"I think the County is supposed to come in and were supposed to have it by the road. So were trying to get everything together and put it in bags and separate what we need to separate and put it out by the road so the county can pick it up,” says Blandon.

The sheriff says they've come a long way, but they've still got a ways to go.
"When I was out there yesterday, there was a lot of burn piles, a lot of people are burning wood debris and doing the best they can to salvage what's left of their personal items in their homes such as pictures, guns, knives,” says Dwayne Price, Johnson County Sheriff. 
Blandon says they gave up on trying to find their things, because it was all ruined.

But she does want to say thank you. 
"There are some volunteers that have been coming in and they are wonderful people, and I would just like to tell them thank you,” says Blandon
As these residents work to get back on their feet.